Protect the Ukrainian Civil Defense Army

Support the brave men and women supporting the Ukrainian soldiers.

The story

Today, there are thousands of Ukrainians returning to their homeland to fight for Ukraine and other nationalities joining the fight.

They are often going with nothing more than the shirts on their back. It is next to impossible to find  ballistic vests,capable of defending against an AK-47. They need communication devices such as Motorola radios, and flashlight, batteries, and battery chargers.

We have assembled and located inventory that could be shipped quickly to the front lines, to protect both soldiers and citizens.

We have located 1000 of these packages, and are looking for support to deliver them to the front line.

Please donate now. And support a soldier citizen.

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Tier 1:
€50 or More

With every donation, the donor will receive a voucher for the redemption of a Gentleman's Craft Gift Pack or a bottle of Premium Gin from Drunken Horse Gin or a bottle of 1902 Premium Vodka

Tier 2
€150 or More

Receive a voucher for the redemption of a ViewSonic Web Cam

Tier 3
€ 500

Receive a voucher for a 48" OLED Monitor