Big Donation made the difference

A Rio al Mar story of blessings. Big donations made the difference. Sometimes the story is amazing. Hard to believe but so so true.

Big Donation made the difference

Hola Hermanos y Hermanas!!

Sometimes the story is amazing.  Hard to believe but so so true.

A guy I know approached me  (not a friend or teammate just one of the guys from my old man’s softball league) his name is Steve (not sure of his last name, Susca?).  Well, he said, I heard you take donations to Mexico.  I said yes and he asked if I took down camping gear, sleeping bags and tents kind of things.  I told him sure.  So he says well I have a bunch in my truck let’s leave the fields together and I’ll give them to you.  Great.  So we did and it filled the back.  Two days later, that Saturday... we went to deliver some donations.  First stop to deliver was spot on.  The second stop was truly amazing.  God taking care of those who praise him.  Just had to share with you.


A moment to thank those that share in the ministry.  Sometimes personally and sometimes monetarily.  

The roof was paid for and without it, weather would not have permitted it.  Sleeping bags are rarely donated but we had them and they needed them. Food we take down but not every trip and this day... it was needed to feed 35-40 at "A weekend with Jesus".

Iglesia de Cristo, they host children for lunch every saturday (there were 22 getting lunch and hearing about Jesus).  The donations we had set for them were children’s shoes, some pots and pans, rice, beans, fruit cups, etc.  Good fit.  Blessings.

Here’s the coolest one…Sometimes God’s timing and location are amazing.

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Vision de Dios Altiplano, Just so happened that Rio al Mar Missions built the roof on their church this past fall just a few months ago.  Paid for materials and had a skilled contractor with tools to install the infrastructure (trusses, cross beams, plywood).  The goal was to get the roof done to stay dry from winter rains the roof was finished in November. Praise God.

So last Saturday was cold and wet (very light drizzle) when we arrived.  As we pulled up the Pastor came out of the church and whispered shhh!!! and waved us to come up (church is on second floor, built on the roof).  When he let us into the church there were 35-40 adults in quiet prayer.  An adult retreat, a weekend with Jesus where they stayed at the church Friday night, all Saturday and there for Sunday service.  

"Un fin de semana con Jesus”  A weekend with Jesus

It was cold and wet and they were to sleep on the cement floor. They were also to feed everyone.

Amazing, sleeping bags donated days earlier and 50lbs of rice and beans are in our car.  

To see the smiles and relief of having huge bags of rice and beans and some extra sleeping bags, what a blessing.

Which you were there to see the faces.  Big smiles, and Praise the Lord and they were experiencing "Un fin de semana con Jesus”

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